06 December 2014

A Realistic Genealogist's Wish List

Ancestry.com posted a graphic recently to their Facebook page:

I realize it's a wish list, but some of those things just are never going to happen. I also realize that the list was probably meant to be funny or silly, but...if I'm going to hope for things I'm going to hope for things that could potentially happen. I hate to set myself up to fail from the get go. Here's my version which hopefully is slightly more realistic:

I've always been of a mind that wishes themselves really don't get one too much of anywhere and that a good dose of healthy realism serves one well. 

Hoping to find things on Ebay...that's wishful thinking, but I have done it. The other items are all very realistic ways to work around the problems Ancestry.com was trying to address with their list.

There's nothing that can break every brick wall and, to be perfectly honest, not all brick walls can be broken down.

And that 1890 census that was burned? Sorry but no amount of wishing is making it come back.

But there are newspapers for several rural counties that I would dearly love to see digitized.