03 December 2014

Posted to Ancestry: Sweden, Indexed Birth Records, 1860-1941

This database, " Sweden, Indexed Birth Records, 1860-1941," is showing as "new/updated" on Ancestry.com. It may have been posted for a while, but the database is new to me, so we are mentioning it.

The entry below is from the births in 1867 for Tjärstad located in Östergötland, Sweden. It shows the 1867 birth for Samuel Otto who was born there on 17 September 1867 to Johan Sund and Anna Lisa Eriksdotter. 

I've used these records before on microfilm, but there is no doubt that the digital access is preferred. Searches can even be conducted using only the names of the parents.

Samuel's entry was indexed under the last name of Sund--which was his father's last name at the time he was born.  Samuel was an immigrant to Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois, where he used the last name of Johnson consistently.

When searching the Swedish records, one needs to be aware of the possibility that the last name "we have" for the person might not be the last name they were born with or the last name that appears in the index.
Given that Samuel's father's first name was Johan, a last name of Johnson for Samuel seems pretty reasonable.

One can even search based just upon the name of the parents or other parameters as shown in the image below:

I'm working on translating the headings and the entry. Readers are free to post comments to this post regarding the headings and the entry itself.

This is a really helpful database for Swedish researchers.

Users of the database are reminded to check for completeness in the region of interest and be aware of spelling variations and transcription issues.

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