27 May 2014

Theodore Trautvetter's Disappearance From Start to Finish Part IV


[Warsaw Bulletin, 24 January 1890, page 4]

In his search for his brother Mr. Geo. A. Troutvetter was ready to accept any suggestion that contained the slightest ray of hope. It was with this feeling that he was induced to go to Hamilton to consult with Dr. John Wright, who professes to do wonders through mesmerism. Accordingly three different parties were mesmerized at different times. One who passed through mesmeric state thought he saw a dark object on the bottom of the river, but the day (Sunday) was foggy, and he was unable to tell what it was. Another saw Troutvetter riding in a wagon with a boy, through a low, marshy place. The third was quite positive he saw the body of the missing man at the bottom of the river, below the Keokuk and Hamilton bridge, and that blood stains were on the bridge. An investigation followed, and sure enough something resembling human blood was found at the spot indicated. Chips dyed in the supposed blood were taken from the floor of the bridge and the same were brought to Warsaw to ascertain the nature of the dye...

[to be continued]