21 May 2014

1825 Citizenship Petition Provides Family Details in Clinton County, New York

This document is one of those reasons that some of us say simply "look at everything."

I've seen quite a few naturalization documents and declarations of intent in the 19th century in the United States. It is not often that they contain as much detail as is found in this document. The application for citizenship, filed in 1825 in Clinton County, New York, contains ages and place of birth for the applicant, his wife, and his children.

Most of us with immigrants during this time period would love to find similar documents. Of course the information in this entry could be incorrect, but it is a great start given that most of the immigrants probably died before detailed vital records were kept.

Would an "exhaustive search" on the children of this couple include their father's naturalization record? I'm not certain.

What I am certain is that in this era, searching for everything you can find on the family is of utmost importance.

That's the search approach that maximizes what there is to find.

[note: I have no relationship to this family. I came across the entry while searching for another person. There were actually several similar entries during the time period in which this one was made.]