24 May 2014

Theodore Trautvetter's Disappearance From Start to Finish Part IV


[Warsaw Bulletin, 24 January 1890, page 4]

This clue found substantiation in a letter received by Mrs. Barkhurst from her husband, who writes from Lamar, Mo., that he traveled on the same train with Troutvetter as far south as Hannibal, and that Mr. T. said he was on his way to St. Louis to visit relatives. This disposed of the mystery in part, but as Mr. Troutvetter has not been heard from his family are anxious to know his whereabouts. The circumstances surrounding his sudden departure, together with the fact that he was a man who never went far away from home, strengthens the belief that he was not in his right mind when he left. It is hoped that he may return ere many days shall have passed.

In his search for his brother Mr. Geo. A. Troutvetter was ready to accept any suggestion...

[to be continued]