21 May 2014

Theodore Trautvetter's Disappearance From Start to Finish Part I

[Warsaw Bulletin 17 January 1890]

Or, Possibly a Case of Temporary Insanity
Theo. Troutvetter Missing

Theodore Troutvetter, a prosperous farmer who resides a few miles below Warsaw, in Rocky Run Township, came to Warsaw last Tuesday morning with a load of wheat, which he disposed of. He had considerable money with him, a portion of which was deposited in the bank. He still had on his person about $120. After spending the remainder of the morning in Warsaw, he went to Keokuk on the 2:35 p.m. train, and the last trace of him there found was at 4 p.m., when he was seen at the Wabash restaurant. Since that time no trace of man has been attainable, and opinion is divided as to what has become of him. Some believe he has wondered away in a temporary fit of mental aberration, which the greater number are strong in the conviction that he he has been foully dealt with. The theory is that some of the toughs, in which Keokuk abounds, have waylaid him, either in that city or on the road to Warsaw, and murdered him for the money he had.

[stay tuned....more to come in this installment--we finally have all the local newspaper articles on Trautvetter]