23 May 2014

Theodore Trautvetter's Disappearance From Start to Finish Part III


[Warsaw Bulletin, 24 January 1890, page 4]

The mysterious disappearance of Theodore Troutvetter, of Rocky Run mention of which was made by the Bulletin last week, has been partially solved. But not until several clues were followed, only to lead to disappointment. Report had it that Conductor Hough, of the Wabash, was certain a man answering the description of Troutvetter had got on his train at Keokuk and rode to Bowen, this county, teh 14th inst.---the day of Troutvetter's disappearance; but on receiving a fuller description of the missing man, Mr. H. concluded he was mistaken. Dark hints of foul play proved to be no more than hints, so far as it was possible to determine. Then it is said a conductor on the St. L., K. & N. W. was of the opinion that Troutvetter got on his train at Keokuk, the evening of the 14th, and went as far south as Hannibal at least. This clue found substantiation in a letter...

[to be continued]

And it was not a letter from Trautvetter....stay tuned.