22 May 2014

Theodore Trautvetter's Disappearance From Start to Finish Part II

[Warsaw Bulletin 17 January 1890]


Suspicion was first aroused of something unusually [sic], Tuesday night, when Trouvetter's team was found as late as 11 o'clock hitched to one of the hitching racks on Fourth street. The animals were put away, and on Wednesday morning a search for the owner was made, but without avail. During the day word was sent to his home to see if he was there, but no tidings were received of the missing man. Relatives, friends and officers further pursued the search that day and yesterday, but without revealing more than is elicited above. The search is progressing as we to go press.

The missing man is a German, about 45 years of age, 5 feet and 8 inches in height, of light complexion, wearing a sandy moustache and goatee, and weighing about 160 pounds. When last seen he had on a brown overcoat, brown frock coat, and a scotch cap, among other clothing.

 [to be continued--Trautvetter's brother calls in the spirits in an attempt to find him]