12 May 2013

Preservation Past You

For some genealogists the search for information is not complete until that information and the conclusions derived from that information has somehow been preserved. A recent tip on Genealogy Tip of the Day, "Don't Rely On Your Will," simply stated my belief that preserving genealogical information is not as simply as putting a clause in your will indicating where your material is to be dumped (err..placed) after your death. Dumping your material on someone else is not an effective preservation strategy.

The question remains: "What should be done with your material to maximize the chance that it lasts as long as possible in a way that can be utilized by others?"  We'll be including some quick, short ideas in upcoming Genealogy Tip of the Day posts and may work on some longer posts on the topic for this blog and are always welcoming of suggestions as this is a topic that is near and dear to the hearts of many researchers.
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