14 May 2013

My Relatives--Adam and Eve

Many genealogists claim to be descended from Adam and Eve. Genealogies with claims of this type, stretching back to the beginning of time, usually have claims stretching fact into fiction as well. 

I'm not claiming to be descended from Adam and Eve. But I am claiming to be related to them. Well actually, I'm only related to Adam. Eve is a relative by marriage. 

This 1880 census enumeration lists the family of Adam and Eve--Trautvetter. The couple lived near Hamilton in Hancock County, Illinois, where Adam farmed. The couple's stone house still stands. And for the record, Eve's maiden name was Young/Yung. How ironic is that?

Adam Trautvetter was a first cousin to John Michael Trautvetter, my great-great-grandfather. This means that I'm not descended from Adam and Eve, but am merely a cousin. I've yet to make contact with any descendants of Adam and Eve, but I know there are quite a few out there. 

Note that Adam's mother is living with him in 1880--one doesn't usually expect to get back before Adam and Eve, but genealogical research is always surprising .