08 May 2013

Crying, Clerking, and Whiskey at the Vendue

This image comes from the settlement of the estate of Thomas J. Rampley who died in Coshocton County, Ohio, sometime in 1823.

There are three references to the "vendue," specifically payments for the vendue that was held after Thomas' death.

There is a payment to Crispin Treadway for crying the vendue, to James Madden for clerking at the vendue and another payment for whiskey at the vendue. A vendue is simply another word for auction and it's a reference to the sale of household goods and farm items that took place after Thomas' death. "Crying" is simply indicating that Crispin was the auctioneer.

Whiskey at the auction was not unheard of during this time period. Whether it had a positive impact on prices or brought additional purchasers to the auction is another matter entirely.

A new word and new practice discovered in one document!