25 May 2013

Lemonade is Popular in China in the 1920s


Date: Saturday, August 12, 1922  

Paper: Evansville Courier and Press (Evansville, IN) 

from  Genealogybank.com

It has been a while since I wrote about George Drollette and his exploits in Asia, but this 1922 reference from an Evansville, Indiana, newspaper, located on Genealogybank.com gave a little additional detail on their life in China. If I was unaware that Mrs. Drollette's brother was still living in Evansville, that clue would have been helpful as well.

It also mentions that the Drollette family had visited in Indiana "last summer." If I had not already searched passport and passenger lists that reference to their apparent visit would have required additional research. Given the newspaper was dated August of 1922, we will assume that the reference is to a visit in 1921.

The article discusses the apparent popularity of lemonade in China and a letter from a Chinese employee to his apparently non-Chinese employer.

One just never knows what one will find in the newspaper.