08 May 2012

What Am I Searching When I Search ""Ohio County Birth Records" at FamilySearch

I am glad for the databases that FamilySearch makes available to the public at no charge. However, I do like to know what I am searching.

The "Ohio, County Births, 1856-1909" confuses me. It is apparently a work in progress although I could be wrong. The search page says that the "time period and type of record vary by county." That's not really helpful when I search the database. I could not find specifics of which records were included for which counties on the search page or the wiki page.

This is frustrating. Not knowing what I am searching is a problem that I hope FamilySearch addresses. The ability to use the site effectively within the constrains of sound genealogy methodology requires that I have a specific idea of what I am searching.

I'm happy for indexes and grateful for what FamilySearch makes available. I just wish I had a little better idea of what I am searching. And if I'm overlooking that description, hopefully someone points it out to me.
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