04 February 2012

Southern California Genealogical Society Webinar

I had great fun giving a webinar for the Southern California Genealogical Society today. I was in Illinois, the coordinator was in Salt Lake City, and attendees were across the globe. Really fun.

Talking about creating charts and organizing information is always great fun even though it might not sound like it. Comments from attendees were really good--it's not easy lecturing to a large group when you've got a wall in front of you.

Attendees who emailed me will get a response later tonight when I've had a chance to put things together.

There's a list of my recorded webinars on the website for those who are interested. I always learn something every time I present and I hope attendees do as well. Sometimes it is difficult to include something so that "everyone" learns something, especially when attendees are at a variety of skill levels.

I'm looking forward to heading to Jamboree in June and seeing everyone again.

And if anyone has suggestions for upcoming webinars, please let me know. The nice thing about doing webinars is that it's easier to get people interested in a variety of topics when they can attend from anywhere--that's not something a person can always do at a conference.