15 February 2012

How Can You Help Get 25,000 Signatures?

Genealogists are trying to retain open access to the Social Security Master Death File--commonly referred to as the Social Security Death Index.

The petition to suggest the IRS use other means at their immediate disposal other than the public closing of the SSDI can be found and signed here.  We need 25,000 signatures by 8 March--we're short on that goal.

Long winded discussion won't motivate the typical person. Let's just suffice it to say that the number of children's identities who have been stolen is minimal compared to the number of identities stolen from other records, databases, and sources that are already out there--think about who has your social security number besides you. Many agencies  and businesses use the SSDI to deny fraudulent applications for credit, bank accounts, property rentals, etc.

We've posted the SSA Commissioner's take on genealogists here http://rootdig.blogspot.com/2012/02/commissioner-astrues-ssdi-comments.html

Spread the word about the petition and why closing the SSDI won't have the impact hoped for. Be brief and to the point. Closing the SSDI is an easy bi-partisan measure allowing both parties in Congress to SAY they did something about identify theft. Press releases can be written about how Congress is working together to solve problems, etc. etc. Yeah. Whatever.

Congress sees this as a quick-fix that makes for good sound bites, will get their names in media in a positive fashion, and appears to address identity theft issues.

Let Congress know that we genealogists don't want to be their sound bite in an attempt to make them look like they are working together and doing something.

Sign the petition. 
Contact your representatives.