14 February 2012

Commissioner Astrue's SSDI Comments

Listen to what your Social Security Commissioner said at recent testimony regarding the Social Security Death Master File

The response of genealogists has been termed an "over-reaction." Astrue compares the SSDI to census data and suggests that the death file could be released in 10 or 75 years. Don't take my word for it. Hear him say it himself. Click on the image above and listen. We are not trying tell you what you should think, but do want you aware of what was said. Access to information, isn't that what it's all about? If the video is "unavailable" please email me directly at mjnrootdig@gmail.com.

The link above contains a snippet of Commissioner Michael J. Astrue's testimony regarding the Social Security Master Death File at the "Hearing on Social Security Death Records."

My take on security concerns is here.

Consider signing the petition to require the IRS to take alternative fraud prevention measures now. It is time to show Commissioner Astrue what "over-reaction" is. Removing the SSDI from public access isn't going to stop identity theft.

There is more information about the petition here.

The entire testimony video can be viewed here.

Our politicians need to know:
  • genealogists vote.
  • we are not just a few "over-reactors"
  • we are not just "little ol' ladies in tennis shoes" who can be pushed aside. Those words are mine, not the Commissioners. But often genealogists are viewed in this fashion. 
Spread the word.
Make your voice heard.
Time is crucial. 

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