27 February 2012

Our Family History Library Trip Saves You Money

I've been comparing the prices for group trips to Salt Lake City's Family History Library to see how we compare to others--gas prices are a concern and it never hurts to see if there's a little wiggle room in our fees.

Few trips include airfare or transportation, so those are not included in our analysis. Most "trip fees" include hotel and registration together and are average around $1100. Our groups registers for the hotel separately and registrants can stay elsewhere if they wish. The Plaza is right next door and very convenient.

Our trip doesn't include any "group" meals, but our fees and hotel charges are are:

  • registration of $175
  • hotel 7 nights at $82 plus tax--$647.25.
  • TOTAL of $822.25
Most groups include one or two group meals--but the difference between $822 and $1100 is significant and would go quite a ways towards paying airfare or travel costs or for those meals.

That's an easy $250 savings. 

To find out more about my trip at the end of May 2012, check out our site http://rootdig.blogspot.com/2011/08/reserve-your-space-in-my-may-2012.html