06 February 2012

Do Those Dates Always Matter? The Colorado Marriage Index at FamilySearch

FamilySearch recently posted a Colorado Statewide Marriage Index with the year range of 1900 to 1930. Thinking the years were correct, I didn't bother to search it for my illustrious Trautvetter relative Philip. A comment posted on the Fan Page for Genealogy Tip of the Day on Facebook indicated there were entries in the index before 1900. Sure enough a search located the 1897 reference to Philip's marriage.

I'm not certain exactly what the "D" above Phillip's name stands for, but I do know this couple was divorced.  I'm assuming that "2-19-97" is the date of the marriage, but the abbreviation in front of that I'll have to work on as well. The bride is Violet Baker and the officiant apparently was Wm. H. Hunt, a J. P. I'm assuming that the writing in the bottom right hand corner is a notation from the clerk, but I'm not certain.

At any rate, don't always conclude that the years listed in a database is entirely correct. [note: A Facebook fan indicates that there are entries from the 1880s. I only focused on the Troutfetter family and came across this one.]

This image comes from the Colorado Statewide Marriage Index, 1900-1939 digitally published on FamilySearch (http://www.familysearch.org). That's as much of a citation as I'm going to include here.