13 December 2010

Virgil Burrows Enters the Marines in 1928

While working on an article for Casefile Clues, I came across this reference on GenealogyBank's Newspaper Archive for Virgil A. Burrows in the Colorado Gazette-Telegraph from 28 January 1921.

I really wasn't looking for Virgil specifically, but rather brief information on his parents, particularly his mother Freda Meyer, daughter of Louise/Louisa Bieger Meyer(s) sister of my gg-grandmother Franciska Bieger Trautvetter.

This was a nice clipping to find actually. I had traced Louis (husband of Freda) and his family to the Denver area via 1920 census and other records. Now I can search for Virgil in the records from the Marine Corps at Ancestry.com . Before I had not really thought to look for him in those records, but the clipping makes the searching a little easier. Maybe down the road we'll work up something on Virgil and family for Casefile Clues.