26 December 2010

Ancestry Matches Make Me Wonder

I have a few trees uploaded on Ancestry.com. Occasionally the "green leaf" matches are helpful, but there are times when I really wish I could set some parameters on the matches or wish that Ancestry.com had search parameters set a little tighter. While I fully understand the fact that what I have in my database could be a few years off, the "green leaf" on my Erasmus Trautvetter brought up a match from the 1930 US census.
The only problem with this is that if the "green leaf" maker at Ancestry.com had looked, my Erasmus Trautvetter had children born in the 1790s and dying in the 1870s and 1860s. Kinda doubtful that this person is a match.
In actuality, the Arthur Trautvetter that is a "match" for Erasmus is a descendant of Erasmus. I'd have to go looking, but I'd guess he's at least a great-great-grandson of Erasmus.