17 December 2010

Swedish Records on Ancestry.com

For some reason the image on this post is a blurrier than it is on my actual computer screen. I'm working on a better image. Swedish church records have been added to Ancestry.com's set of images. This image (line 17) is from Tjarstad in Ostergotland and is for Samuel Otto Johnson, son of Johan Sund annd Anna Lisa Eriksdotter and ggg-grandfather of my children. It takes a little bit of practice to read the handwriting.

Ancestry.com is adding the Swedish church records to their online collection. We'll be posting additional research comments and discoveries to these records as time allows. Given that my children are 1/16 Swedish, this is exciting news.
The image of just the parents names at the bottom of this post is more in line with the actual resolution of the images. These are nice images and I prefer the interface at Ancestry.com to the one that Genline used. Keep in mind these records are not indexed, but having access to through Ancestry.com is really nice. I know I'll be spending even more time searching through Ancestry.com's Swedish church records and we'll have updates as new information is located.
Samuel Otto's wife is a little bit of a mystery and hopefully now with home access to these I'll make some discoveries.