30 March 2010

What's Wrong with this Picture?

This is a screen shot from a personal tree I'm working on as a demo at Ancestry.com.

I've been adding census images to this person. All the information on the timeline comes straight from Ancestry.com and for the most part is autogenerated.

There is a mistake on this that I didn't make. It was part of the "upload" when I added a census image to Abraham's file.

Anyone know what the mistake is?

Genealogists should not need Ancestry.com membership to see this mistake.

This is an error they should have caught.
I'm working on Abram for an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues and to a point like being able to intergrate the census images (not happy with the citation or how it handles some events, which I've posted earlier).


Miriam Robbins said...

You've got me...no clue. At first I thought it was place name errors, so I did some checking. Ohio became a state in 1803, Delaware County was founded in 1808, and Harlem (founded 1810) is indeed a township in Delaware County. So the place names fit in fine with the census years of 1830 and 1850.

Enlighten us, Michael!

Lonna717 said...

Perhaps the Birth should have 2 source citations and not just 1 (the 2 censuses that are listed).

Darlene said...

The possibility I see is that the death has no cite.

Michael John Neill said...

Ancestry's "timeline" pulls the age in a census year from the approximate date of birth, not the actual census. In the case of Abraham Wickiser that is approximately 1780. So when it shows ages in the census year, it's not pulling it from the census it is actually pulling it from the approximate year of birth.

Personally, I would rather not see the age shown or somehow displayed in a slightly different way.

I got sidetracked and neglected to post a follow up to this.