04 March 2010

Death Certificate Filed in the Miscellaneous Records

The image included with this post is from the bottom part of a Cook County, Illinois death certificate from 1925.

Well, actually it is from 1929.

Ralph Watson Frame died on 10 February 1925 in Chicago. The death certificate was filed on 12 February 1912.

For reasons that are not entirely clear, someone obtained a certified copy of the death certificate of Ralph Frame on 14 March 1929 and filed it with the Cook County Recorder's Office the next day.

This was an accidental discovery. The "miscellaneous" recordings in Cook County, Illinois, were being searched for William Frame, Ralph's brother, when this record was discovered. One never knows what will be located in miscellaneous records in the recorder's office.

In an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues I'll be looking at both copies of Ralph Frame's death certificate.