24 March 2010

100 reasons why subscribers like Casefile Clues

We surveyed Casefile Clues readers recently to see what they had to say...and the results were 100 things they liked about my weekly how-to newsletter. Here's a sample:

I like to see how others do research and maybe also learn something new.

Gives me another way to look at things

The well organized presentation of facts makes me try to figure out what should be done next in the research, and I also like the variety of resources covered-many of these I haven't used yet.

I enjoy your personal touch, relating research to your own family.

The case studies.

Case study approach - analysis of your thought process as you work through the problems

It gives me ideas about new ways to find and study sources and how to better use documents found in my own genealogy endeavors.

The way the reader is taken through the steps in research, warned of potential pitfalls and reminded of items that need more investigation or are not fully supported by evidence.

The detail of the cases, being able to follow along step by step.Makes me think more about quality of evidence.

Read the rest of the reasons on the Casefile Clues website. Or subscribe now and get in on the fun.