10 March 2010

Happy Birthday a few days late....

I have written about my wife's grandmother before, Anna Margaret Apgar Verikios Lake. This is a copy of her application for a social security card which I have used as an illustration for quite some time. I hadn't really thought about it until my wife remembered the other day that her Grandma's birth day was March 8th-just a few days ago.
This SS5 form was the first place where I got the name of Anna's actual father, William Apgar. All other information indicated her father's name was Peter Verikios, which was actually the last name of her stepfather. Compounding the issue is that her father's name really wasn't William Apgar at all and he can't be located after about 1918. Researching this family has been very interesting as regular readers of this websit and Casefile Clues will know.
Anna doesn't have a birth certificate either, although all three of her siblings do. I was able to locate her christening record. It was unusual as well as she and her brother were baptized when they were about 8 or 9 years old. Odd for a Catholic family, but there's a reason which was explored in an issue of Casefile Clues---centering on the mother's desire to remarry within the church.