04 March 2010

Stapled the Page in the Book--What is Underneath?

Delayed and supplemental birth records and reports are great, but not when they are stapled over other records.

This entry comes from the Cook County, Illinois, birth register in August of 1877. This image was made by FamilySearch from the microfilmed copy of the actual birth register. Unfortunately this supplemental report was stapled over several of the entries.

The microfilming apparently did not film the page twice (once with the supplement report laying flat as shown in the image and once with it turned up so the underlying page could be seen). Images before and after this one were viewed in hopes of seeing the page information underneath, but no such image could be located.

This image comes from page 160 of the Cook County Birth Register from August of 1877. I'm not jumping up and down with how the FHL shows the "source" of this information in its database, but I'll have to blog about that later.

Fortunately in this case, the entry I wanted was at the bottom of the page---usually I'm not that lucky.