22 March 2010

Google In Galesburg

I did my part and nominated Galesburg, Illinois, for Google's ultra-high speed broadband network. I know it has nothing to do with genealogy, but hey, this is my website...

Personally I think that ultra-high speed broadband can only be good for rural America. It would be good for larger businesses, but smaller businesses and self-employed professionals would benefit as well. Better and faster communication and access to data would level the playing field in many regards. And it's worth remembering that Galesburg is only a 2 hour train ride to downtown Chicago---we're not as remote as one would think.

High speed data would allow a variety of individuals and businesses to compete more effectively with their "big-city" peers without living in the big city. High speed access to data would provide them with access to information on an even playing field with their urban counterparts.