18 March 2007

Using the 1885 Nebraska State Census

Searching for Tamme Tammen in the 1885 Nebraska State Census was not the easiest thing to do. Fortunately for Nebraska in 1885 there are farm schedules and population schedules. While each schedule does not contain the exact same set of names (the farm schedule contains only heads of household who were farmers), the order of the names should be the same.
The problem was that Tamme's name was written in a nearly impossible way to search for on one of the schedules. Tapping Tamme Tammen discusses how I searched for Tamme in these schedules, some general techniques, and samples of the actual census schedules showing Tamme's entry.
And if anyone is related to Tamme...let me know mjnrootdig@gmail.com. His older sister Tjode Anna Focken Tammen Goldenstein is my 3rd great-grandmother.