12 March 2007

Making Certain you have the "right" Guy

Tracking ancestors across state lines can be difficult, especially so when they have left few records and the searching is done before the everyname censuses begin in 1850. Some time ago we posted an article on my search for Levi Rhodes across Missouri and back into Tennessee. The discussion is still relevant today.

Here are a few reminders from our searches for Levi in Tennessee:

  • Don't just grab the first name that matches. Check all possible reasonable matches in the area and eliminate them systematically.

  • Make logical connections.

  • Fit as many pieces together as possible. Realize that some pieces may not fit, but make note of the fact that they do not fit.

  • Research the most recent era first.

  • Make certain you have copied everything you needed.

The rest of the article can be viewed on our website.