19 March 2007

Michael's suggestions if you get a free trial at Ancestry.com

Michael's suggestions to getting a free trial at Ancestry.com .

I have Ancestry.com at home and like it and get a lot of use out of it. I've been known to use it on my lunch hour at work. These suggestions are based upon our experiences and the experiences of other users. Following the directions at the link below will allow you to get a free 14-day trial at Ancestry.com. Before getting the trial, remember to:

1) Get the free trial when you will have time to actually use it.
2) Write or print out any toll-free numbers Ancestry.com gives you.
3) Write the day your 14 days expires.
4) Make a decision about cancelling your free trial BEFORE the 14th day. If you are going to cancel, do so on or before day 13.
5) Consider joining the Gen-Newbie list at Rootsweb if you are new to computers or genealogy--there are many on the list who can help if you have difficulty using Ancestry, the image viewer, or the indexes.
6) If day thirteen is on a weekend, call the Friday before.

Free Trial - Ancestry.com US Deluxe Membership can be had by clicking here.