19 March 2007

1925 Iowa State Census

The images on the right are part of the 1925 Iowa state census entries for Ekke and Nanke Behrens, my aunt and uncle. The second image shows an additional part of their entry, whjich includes the names of their parents and where their parents were married.

The images have been reduced here to decrease load time, but one can easily zoom in the images. The larger image shown below is magnified at 100%.

The 1925 State Census for Iowa asks the following questions:

  • Surname.

  • Given Name.

  • Relation. Relationship within the family.

  • Sex.

  • Color. When not "White", this information is listed under the title "Various" on the census page view (not on surname search results).

  • Age.

  • Marital Status. S for Single, M for married, W for widowed, D for divorced.

  • Own or Rent. This field applies to the head of household.
  • Free or Mortgaged. For owned property, whether owned outright or mortgaged.
  • Home Value. Value of property.
  • Mortage Debt.

  • Rent Amount.

  • Insurance Amount.
  • Foreign Born Status.
  • Years Residing in the U.S.

  • Years Residing in Iowa.

  • Highest School Level. R=Rural, G=Grade, H=High School, C=College.

  • Highest Grade Level.

  • Number of Months Attending School. In past year.
  • Whether Can Read.

  • Whether Can Write.

  • Place of Birth.

  • Father's Surname.

  • Father's Given Name.

  • Father's Age.

  • Mother's Surname.

  • Mother's Given Name.

  • Mother's Age.

  • Parent's Place of Marriage.

  • War Experience. Whether Veteran/Branch or Service in Which Served/State Enlisted or Drafted From. For Civil War, Spanish American War, and World War I.
  • Occupation. Agricultural, Professional Services, Domentic and Personal Services, Trade and Transportation, Manufacturing and Mechanical, or Laborer.

  • Months Unemployed Due to Illness from Communicable Diseases.
  • Lost Income Due to Above.
  • Month's Unemployed in 1924.
  • Comments. When present, this information is listed under the title "Various" on the census page view (not on surname search results).

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