20 March 2007

Anne Landers and Dear Abby

We've been giving (and getting) advice on the Iowa State Censuses at Ancestry.com . And it finally dawned on me that the queens of advice giving should be in the 1925 Iowa State Census--Anne Landers and Dear Abby--the Friedman sisters and twins, Esther and Pauline Friedman. And sure enough they were--living in Sioux City, Iowa with their sister and parents.

The census entry for their parents indicates they were born in Russia, but the index entry lists this as the Soviet Union---we're not going to get into that mess here. THe parents were married in Nebraska.

Those who want to find the Friedmans in the census and view the complete set of images (remember for the 1925 census there are three images---completing a set of six pages where the second two sets are overlaid onto the first to prevent the names from having to be rewritten)--can search the Iowa State Census Collection at Ancestry.com.