19 March 2007

Searching the Iowa State Censuses at Ancestry.com

The Iowa State Census search interface at Ancestry.com gives the user many options. It is important to note that not all of these search options are applicable to all the census years in the database. Many of the advanced search options (particularly those related to parents ) are only available for the 1925 census. Earlier census (such as the 1856) may not even give the relationship to the head of household--in fact the households may not even be clearly distinguished on the census. Searchers are encouraged to browse censuses for years they are searching to become familiar with the schedules and the information they contain.

Of course, for 1925, take full advantage of all those questions that were asked. The images of the search interface follow. Those with an Ancestry.com account (either US or World) can access the Iowa State Censuses (and the images) at Ancestry.com as a part of their account. Those without an account can search the database as part of a free 14-day trial (read our free trial "suggestions" before signing up.)