28 November 2014

Uriah by Any Other Name Would Still Uriah

Every so often I come across a transcription that reminds me that sometimes it is necessary to leave out first names (or last names) when querying databases.

Such is the case with an entry I discovered while searching the Nebraska homestead records on Ancestry.com

The entry for this 1887 land entry indicates the first name of the Wickiser claimant is "Neiah."

Upon closer inspection of the actual images, it's clear that the first name is not Neiah.

Instead it's Uriah.

I suppose that first letter could be misred as a "U."

But that "r" that's the second letter? How does one get an "e" out of that? That's almost a classic lower case cursive "r."

We won't start posting every transcrption error on Ancestry.com here. But occasionally, it helps all of us to remember that any name can be read and keyed into a database incorrectly sometimes so incorrectly that searching based upon that name is not really effective at all.