02 November 2014

Estate Pays Fees for Locating Land Warrant

The estate record of James Kile in Mercer County, Illinois, provided a few more clues that the land warrant mentioned in the inventory of his estate was actually patented.

Estate of James Kile, Mercer County, Illinois, Probate case files, file 172, box 200, 
Account Current in the Estate of James Kile, filed 9 August 1854, 
Circuit Clerk's Office, Aledo; digital image, FamilySearch (http//www.familysearch.org), accessed 26 October 2014.

This accounting from August of 1854 indicated that fees were paid by the estate for "Locating Land Warrant" and for "proof of Heirship to Locate Land warrant." These references strongly suggest that the heirs of James Kile used the warrant to patent property after his death. That's a good thing for the researcher as there should be mention of his heirs.

The estate of James strongly suggests who his children are but does not explicitly state the relationship. It also does not mention were they living at the time the estate was settled. Hopefully the file where the warrant was submitted to "prove up" things for the patent contains some of those specifics.

Stay tuned.