04 November 2014

8776 from 1912 to 1956

License plate of J. L. Goldenstein,
made from an image posted on  Ebay of a
United Press 1956 photograph
A few days ago I wrote about a picture of my uncle that appeared in several newspapers across the United States ("Non-Famous People in the Newspaper-Your Genealogy Plate May Be Full"). The newspaper entry was obtained on  GenealogyBank, but that's not where I first discovered the item existed.

It was on  Ebay.

A search for the last name of Goldenstein located the image, a United Press "telephoto" that an Ebay seller had put up for sale.

My theory was that if the picture was the United Press, it should have been published in a newspaper somewhere. And a quick search for "Goldenstein" in 1956 in the newspapers on located the item on  GenealogyBank that was referenced in the blog post. There were not many J. L. Goldensteins living in Golden, Illinois and I was pretty certain when I purchased the photograph that J. L. was the brother of my great-grandmother, Tjode (Goldenstein) Habben. His identity in the newspaper image (and later the photograph) was confirmed by my mother who had met him several times. There were no other J. L. Goldensteins living in Golden at least through 1940 (based upon United States census records).

I have the actual picture from United Press--it arrived quickly from the Ebay seller. I've decided not to post the photograph on the blog due to potential copyright issues. It's probably not a problem to post a scan of the photograph, but we've decided not to do it. The scan of the newspaper item was put on the blog post largely because that was already published and it was not of very high quality---not like an actual photograph.