11 November 2014

Pictures on an 1852 Bounty Land Warrant

This 1852 era military bounty land warrant was issued to James Kile for his service in an Ohio unit in the War of 1812. The illustrations serve political purposes and probably were included to make the warrants more difficult to reproduce and forge. That's also probably why the blue ink was used in the middle of the document as well.

We've marked the seven images used on the warrant. I'm pretty certain I know what three of them are.

  • 1-a shield with 13 stars and 13 stripes and a "40" to reference the fact that the warrant was for 40 acres
  • 4-looks like George Washington
What are your thoughts on the other individuals pictured in this warrant?

It would have been nicer if they had put a picture of the man who received the warrant on the warrant. There are already enough pictures of George Washington (grin!). 
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