06 August 2014

Pardon Me Google Books

Lawrence Knaeble shot and murdered a man in Warsaw, Illinois, in the 1850s. The murder is of personal interest to be because it took place outside the tavern owned by Barbara Bieger, my 3rd great-grandmother.

Knaeble was arrested, tried, and convicted of the murder.  According to the January 1860 report of the Illinois General Assembly, he was pardoned by the Illinois Governor in October of 1860, having served approximately two years of an seven year prison term.

I've not had too much luck research Lawrence, but I've always been slightly curious as to what happened to him. There is one clue on this list that I did not have before: his age.

Knaebel and his wife were renting rooms from Barbara Bieger that were adjacent to her tavern. I've always wondered what happened to him and have also wondered if he had some connection to the family.

Maybe his pardon records will provide an additional clue.

Stay tuned.