21 August 2014

Ancestry.com's Updated World War I Draft Cards-Better Images

Ancestry.com recently announced that there had been an "update" on their World War I draft card collection. The update did not indicate what the "update" really was. A colleague on Twitter was able to get a response from Ancestry.com that indicated the images had been improved. That appears to be the case, although I don't have any images that were saved from this collection from Ancestry.com. My images were made from microfilm copies I made years ago.

However, the images at Ancestry.com do appear to be slightly better than those at FamilySearch.

The first image (unmodified other than a copy/paste) in this post is from FamilySearch. 

The second image (unmodified other than a copy/paste) is the same card on Ancestry.com.

And a gentle reminder that your source citation should always indicate the source--hopefully that's clear from this post.

I just wish websites that announced "updates" made their announcements as clear as they sometimes do the images.