14 August 2014

Kile Absent From the Muster Because He Was "Under Arrest"

Research on William Kile continues--and it just gets more interesting.

I don't always obtain the service record cards for Civil War servicemen. It's not because they aren't interesting, but because the cards usually contain minimal information about the soldier and it's not always worth the expense to do it. My personal interest is not very high in the military career of every person for whom I decide to obtain a copy of their pension. Whether or not that violates the philosophy of an "exhaustive search" is another matter entirely.

However, there are times when the cards are interesting.

Like this time with William Kile.

He was absent from the muster roll of Company K of the 37th Iowa regiment in March and April of 1865.  He wasn't sick. He was under arrest as the card below illustrates.

National Archives of the United States Washington, DC
Complete Compiled Civil War Service Record of:
WILLIAM KILE Company B, 37th Iowa Infantry
Record Group 94
At this point, I'm not certain why he was under arrest and this arrest is apparently separate from his apparent larceny conviction in Mercer County, Illinois, before his enlistment.

Stay tuned...we're going to see what information can be found on his arrest.