18 August 2014

Archibald Kile Testifies that "The Pensioner is My Brother"

National Archives of the United States Washington, DC
Selected Documents (everything except medical examinations)
From the Civil War Pension File of: WILLIAM KILE
Company B, 37th Iowa Infantry Invalid’s Application #525005
Invalid’s Certificate #321230 Record Group 15

This affidavit from the Civil War pension file of William Kile makes two good points. One is that relationships can be stated in these documents. This is the only contemporary document where one of the Kile brothers explicitly states the relationship.

The items underlined in red and blue make the point that transcription of documents sometimes is really about context. I might have a difficult time transcribing them as "Prvt" and "Vols." but their positioning in the document makes their meaning rather clear.

Pension affidavits frequently contain unexpected surprises.