28 October 2014

World War Two Douglas Aircraft Plant Photo of W L Rampley

According to the original Ebay listing for this item, it was taken at the Douglas Aircraft Plant in El Segundo, California.

Exactly how the seller knew that is not immediately clear to me unless there is a notation on the back of the photograph that I'm not understanding.

The item was purchased because the man in the picture is identified on the back of the photograph as W. L. Rampley. The only date on the photograph is 11-24-1941, which is likely the seller identified the photograph as being from the World War II era.

The photograph was purchased because of the name on the back. I'm not certain if this Rampley is connected to my family with the same last name, but there's a reasonable probability. The majority of people with the Rampley surname descend from either a James Rampley who settled in Harford County, Maryland, in the late 1700s or a William Rampley who settled near Spartanburg, South Carolina at about the same time.

Hopefully we'll have an update with additional information on Rampley--and just who he is.

But it's a neat World War II era photo whether I identify the man in it or not.
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