22 October 2014

Who Are You Missing In the Census?

Most genealogists have at least relative they can't find in a specific census. Here are four people I simply have been unable to find along with what I know about them.

1920 Anna Apgar

  • Born in 1913 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
  • In 1920 should be living with her mother, Marie (Demar) Apgar Verikios and her step-father Peter Verikios.
  • Not enumerated with her living grandparent or a parental sibling.
  • It is possible she was in Clinton County, New York--where her mother was born in the 1890s.

1870 John Ufkes

  • Born 1838 in Ostfriesland, Germany.
  • Place of birth could be listed as Ostfriesland, Germany, or Prussia.
  • Name actually Johann Frederichs Hinrichs Ufkes--those middle names could be a last name in a census enumeration.
  • Should be in the Adams County, Illinois, area although he did start a homestead in Nebraska in 1871.

1870 Ira William Sargent

  • Born early 1840s in Canada
  • Other enumerations list New York or Illinois as a place of birth
  • Should be in Davis County, Iowa--where he married in October of 1870. 
  • Parents are dead by 1870 and he's not enumerated with any siblings in 1870.
  • Could be enumerated as Ira or William Sargent or Ira or William Landon (his step-father's surname).
  • Probably not living with step-father, Asa Landon, as Landon returned to his native Canada during the Civil War leaving his step-children in the Missouri/Iowa area.

1850 Peter and Barbara Bieger

  • Should be in either Hamilton County, Ohio (where they married in 1849) or Hancock County, Illinois (where they purchased property in the fall of 1850).
  • Born in the 1820s in Germany.
  • Possible they were moving from Ohio to Illinois at the time of the enumeration.

I've not included sources in this blog post, but I may be well-advised to revisit each statement I've made about the person in question. This is especially true for any statement I've made that begins with "could" or "should" as those statements are not backed up by any documentation or source.

It's also worth noting that it may not be worth my while to spend too much time additionally searching for these people as I've already devoted quite a bit of time to it already. It may be that the enumeration simply doesn't provide anything that I do not already "know."

Then again, it's also possible that if I find them in an unexpected place I end up with a whole new set of questions.

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