30 October 2014

Seven Head of Horse Creatures

We've slightly modified this image for the purposes of this blog post. Using only the portion relevant to the Kile family would have required the removal of some context, particularly the fact that this was a Sheriff's Sale in Franklin County, Ohio.

[portion omitted] was used to indicate where some of the original image was cut away and the resulting image was made.

Digital image obtained on GenealogyBank.com
Apparently John Kile owed money to the estate of M. Fisher and apparently there was some sort of legal action brought to the Franklin County Court in 1828. The specifics of the debt are not mentioned in this newspaper notice. This legal notice is only announcing the sale. It is possible that there were other legal notices in the newspaper mentioning this case, but given that this is probably a chattle debt of some type it likely didn't make the local news.

There should be some type of local court record regarding this case against Kile in the county court records of Franklin County. Chances are it's not very detailed, but I won't know until I look. I might never have uncovered the case if I had not chanced upon it on GenealogyBank.com.

Seven head of horse creatures....now there's an interesting phrases. Why they just didn't say seven head of horses is beyond me.