30 December 2013

Sometimes You Have to Be There and Bring Someone With You

I blogged about this picture earlier this year--after I noticed the church in the distance. The picture has given me a few ideas.

photo of Frederick Ufkes (1893-1960), taken near Basco, Illinois mid-1910s; digital image (c) 2013 Michael John Neill
I thought the picture was taken on the "homeplace" in eastern Bear Creek Township, Hancock County Illinois. Sure enough it was.

Standing a hundred feet west of where the house used to be (in the old driveway) and looking towards the northeast, the church was in the distance. I was lacking something in my immediate vicinity which could be included in the picture for perspective. Unfortunately the home is no longer standing, the trees are gone, and I don't ever remember a fence in the front yard. There were no landmarks against which to take a picture similar to one shown above could be taken. I also was alone so there was no one to take a picture of me in the former yard with the church in the distance. 

Next time I'm dragging someone with me so that I can at least get a picture of me standing roughly where great-grandfather stood so I can get that perspective.

Sometimes you need to be in the exact spot. And sometimes you need to drag someone along with you to get that evidence.

Cause in hindsight, it would be kind of neat to have a picture of me taken in the same location. I may even have to get a hat for the purpose.