26 March 2012

World War I Draft Cards in Spanish

Did you know that the US government printed World War I draft cards in Spanish and used them in Puerto Rico? It was news to me as I had just assumed that all cards were in English. This card was for Justo Bonavo Veliz, who registered in Rio Grande County, Puerto Rico. His registration was located online at FamilySearch (http://www.familysearch.org) in their digital collection of World War I Draft Registration Cards. This card was from the roll for letters A-G, image 128 of 910. [note--I know that's not citation in perfect Evidence Explained format, but it is more than sufficient to get readers to the digital image and we don't often use citations in pure form for these blog posts.]

I'm always looking for additional signatures for the Daily Genealogy Transcriber--which is what I was doing when I came across this card. The Daily Genealogy Transcriber is the only site where I use examples that are not from my own research--so I have no connection to the individual named on this card.