29 March 2012

Will Ancestry.com Tell You Your Ancestor Was Mentally Deficient?

This is part of the register entry for a convict listed in the  Alabama, Convict Records, 1886-1952 which was recently released on Ancestry.com. I'm not certain how many of these entries have comments like this--but this individual was born in 1924 and while he's not living (he's in the Social Security Death Index and the name is very uncommon), he could easily have been. Convicts from the 1950 era could easily be living as well as this database goes until 1952.

 You could find your living relative has been in jail and was also a little loopy. You never know what you will find in those "remarks" columns.

 Search the Alabama, Convict Records, 1886-1952 for yourself and find out.