26 March 2012

Who Is the Witness?

I've decided to revisit my Irish forebears in an attempt to learn more about them before their life in New Brunswick--particularly my gg-grandmother, Annie Murphy Neill. This is a copy of the marriage bond signed by her husband Samuel Neill and Edward Durbin. Durbin does not appear to have been related to the family (he was born in England--the Neills were both Irish and his wife was not a Murphy or Neill before her marriage).

I realized that I had never researched the witness on this bond--who could easily just be a warm body or someone of significance. The difficulty is in reading the name.

My guess is that the last name is Drury, but the initials are more of a mystery.

This image came from the microfilmed copy of the marriage bonds at the Family History Library--obtained from the New Brunswick Provincial Archives.

In hindsight, I wish I knew whether the document that was filmed was the original bond or a transcription of it. I'm glad that I know where I got this record, but now I need to know where the "microfilmer" got it as well.

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