02 November 2010

Shooting Nicholas Trautvetter

I ran across this item on been searching for members of the extended Trautvetter clan at GenealogyBank.

I am not certain how Nicholas Trautvetter is related (or even if he is), but this family always causes the best type of newspaper articles to be written.

This one made two points that have nothing at all to do with the Trautvetters.

The first is that searching of sites that use OCR technology requires some thought. This article was located by searching for "Trantvetter" instead of Trautvetter.

This article was also in a St. Louis newspaper, the St. Louis Republic on 3 March 1897. This is quite a distance from where the murder took place.

Watch those spellings and consider the possibility that a newspaper item could appear hundreds of miles from where your ancestor actually lived.