30 November 2010

George Trautvetter in the Civil War & Two Census Images

I've written briefly about George Trautvetter who was in the Missouri Infantry before. It turns out that there were two George Trautvetters in the Civil War--and they were first cousins.

This George Trautvetter's Civil War service records appear on Footnote.com. The image here is just one of the cards in his file. The card actually comes from Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations From the State of Missouri which are on Footnote.com.

This George was discharged from his service, but he must have died before his uncle's estate was probated in the late 1860s as he's not mentioned as an heir and his siblings are George appears with his family in the 1860 Census in Montebello, Hancock County, Illinois. Note that there's also an Adam and Eve Trautvetter living in the household as well. This lighter 1860 census image comes from Ancestry.com. The image from the microfilm isn't much better and this is a pretty good digital version.

I decided to look at the same 1860 census entry on Footnote.com to see how different the image was. It was darker, but just as legible. The indexing was the same--but it's always worth it to search at other indexers just to make certain nothing has been overlooked.

We'll be writing about this George and the other George and their military careers in an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues.